DJT: Infantile Omniscient and Omnipotent in Office

Remember when you woke up from a nap and used a cry or call to summon someone to come and get you up? You heard the footfall and knew who it was by the sound alone. Inside your 10 x 10 room you felt like you controlled the world. As you got older you found that others would complicate your life, play with your Lego’s, fail to meet your demands or expectations. Your sense that you secretly ruled the world was worn away by reality.

DJT seems to have escaped those slights by reality. He harbors his own illusions unabated. He continues to create his own perception irrespective of reality. He imposes his perceptions on others even when there is direct evidence to the contrary.

Who better than he to solve our problems? Who knows better than he how to negotiate? Who knows more about his listing of superior knowledge than he? Except, it’s not working out in fact as he so flippantly claimed. I’m not tired of winning yet. Waiting to be.

Society Put Trump on a Pedestal as an Example of “Success”

In American society there are several individuals who qualify as “universally accepted,” generally for their accomplishments. Examples used to include: Miss America – as long as she did not bare all her essential, the      HeavyWeight Boxing Champion – as long as he was somewhat articulate, the Super Bowl and World Series Champs, Olympic gold medal winners in known sports and categories. O.J.Simpson, NFL star and Heisman trophy winner was also in this category. Not only are these people designated as role models, but are elevated beyond the status of the ordinary person.

A billionaire, mogul, successful businessperson can also be perceived and elevated to this role of universally accepted. This is done by the media, who provide the notoriety and exposure in conjunction with the “successful” designation. Throughout the campaign, the press referred to Donald Trump as a billionaire or mogul. The mere statement is code for here is someone whom we find successful, having met criteria of acceptability on this basis alone, and therefore elevated above the normal.

Disclosure of Trump’s tax return might well have threatened his long time branding and “earned” designation from the media as fraudulent, or not quite as outstanding as we have been led to believe. So, as with O.J., there is a tendency to view the president from this elevated position. As a “successful businessman,” one who knows how to work the capitalist system, he gets a pass from scrutiny longer than most.


A Little Child Will Show You the Way

I was with Grayson last week. He had his fire truck on the floor and announced that he was going to cover it with his blanket and turn it into a monster. This he did seconds later, expressing great fear at what the shrouded fire truck had become.

As I watch him, I was struck with the similarity of his behavior to that of the president. As if imagining  made it so, he had changed his own reality and wants all of us to go along with it.

Senators Stepping Up in Hearings

Several Senators on the Intelligence Committee seem to be going beyond the usual bed-wetters status and are rising to the occasion as adults. For once, it is country over party.

Unfortunately, too many of them continue to ask questions involving whether the person providing testimony “believes” something to be true, or “feels” something is the case. One cannot be held accountable for either belief or feelings. No perjury could occur. And there is little information gathering that results from such a question. You may learn from how one perceives, how it “seems” to him/her, but there is little fact gathering or evidence that results.

Let’s see if the Senate panel members can rise above a Journalism 101 level of asking questions.

Are we due for a dragged out ordeal?

There are only a few data points so far, but there is an indication that something is rotten and needs investigation and verification.

If there is nothing, the involved parties, actors, could simply come out and declare as such. However, if there is something criminal, it will come out eventually and at great cost in time and patience on the part of everyone.

Speak up or be gone.

Saudis Groom DJT for Future Use

When a person is so obviously dependent upon praise and being regaled, the Saudi’s set the westerner up for a big rug purchase in the Middle Eastern market. Just as a  sexual predator sets up a child for future sexual abuse by stages, this was the first stage in setting up the “needy child” in DJT to let down his guard and become dependent on some future gain for the Saudis.

Mosad Indebts Trump

Like a milkshake churning through a two year old straight into his diaper, DJT exercises no greater control with Israeli intelligence on Syria. He leaked it to the Russian Ambassador. So, at least he knows who leaked it.

Now the Israeli Ambassador quickly comes to Trump’s defense, not letting him twist in the wind, thereby bailing him out of his latest mischief, and leaving him indebted to the loyal ambassador.


Roy Cohn operated on loyalty, a major value in his relationships.Trump asked for loyalty from Comey, and did not get it. But the Mosad set up Donald, and he is now owned by them