Publicity is the Outcome Sought by Terrorism

I live-streamed a conference today, March 23rd, titled “Intelligence in Defense of the Homeland,” featuring FBI Director Comey and a list of dignitaries from the intelligence community. Bruce Hoffman of Georgetown University, and Peter Bergen, CNN analyst spoke of how the new social media provided the terrorists with an ability to: Post in real time, Bypass the “Old” Media,  and essentially Create, Manipulate, and Exploit.

Publicity is the “outcome” of terrorism. It’s effectiveness and impact depend upon our response to it. The attempt is to manipulate perception, sustain and control the narrative.

This tactic of getting publicity struck me as quite similar to what President Trump accomplishes with his tweets and diversions.

It is left to our discernment to discover what more central issues we are being diverted from.



The Chasing Dog Now Driving the Car

Colbert mentioned that the administration is acting like a dog that chased cars, never expecting to catch one; and now is driving the car.

The Kennedy’s remarked that the first day they sat in the oval office it hit them that they really were in charge. That was a dawning realization that hits most admininstrations. But the campaign is so long, that is their only example of working together as a team and administration. They have to make the transition, and quickly.

Trump Backers Add to Fake News

Today, March 17th, 2017, at about ll:56 am CDT, a caller to KUT-FM stated the following, “Trump is doing everything he said he would do, shaking things up as people who voted for him wanted.” He also said, “James Comey, head of the FBI, had confirmed that they had 3 taps on the phones on Trump Tower.” To be clear, there is nothing on the news about this. He was simply pumping out more reality challenge.

An ability to discuss and approximate the basic reality we experience is central to communication and human sanity. This attack on reality is one of the most subversive attempts, and may have been learned from the Soviet misinformation campaigns..

Make America “Grate” Again

The reaction of many Americans to the Trump presidency is to clench their teeth and grind their molars down. This is an indication of an “intolerable situation” from their perception. It will be interesting to find out if there is an increase in orders for dental “bite plates” to wear at night and prevent teeth  from wearing down. Incidentally, if you are a tooth grinder, it can lead to temporalmandibular joint problems, clenching, and an off balance jaw. This sends a signal to the adrenal glands that you are under attack. The adrenals stay on chronically and wear out. So, keeping that balance is important.

When you see a football player with a bite plate, it is for strength and stamina, said to increase by 10-15% when the jaw is balanced. The primary reason is not for protection of the teeth.

Is the Spinning of Information, for Treason?

A democracy essentially depends upon individual being informed in order to make a choice or decision. However, when that individual is programmed, or so poorly educated that he does not know how to make a choice, that is a problem.

Spinning information is even more of a problem, for it is slanted in order to bias decisions made from it. Who, besides the media, has the responsibility for informing the people so that they have free and open choice?

Sikh Shooter Demonstrates His Ignorance

The unconsciounable stupidity of the shooter of a Sikh man wounded in Washington state demonstrates his ignorance. He has no idea how to distinguish between an Indian-Indian and a Middle Easterner of any national origin. This is illustrative of a major problem in the United States – our extensive ethnocentrism, or ignorance regarding other cultures.

Of course he had a gun. We make sure any idiot can get his hands on one.

If we put half as much effort into educating these “crackers,” the entire education of the country could be elevated.

Feckless Response Sends Donald into Rage

DJT cannot control his administration as he controlled his personal branding with the New York gossip sheets. And he cannot require those who are unschooled in his bludgeoning school of confrontation to react as he do to every little issue. A.G. Sessions recusing himself did not fit with the DJT style of “give no ground” and “beat them into submission.” So, we see the slow unravelling of DJT as he meets the limits of his power.

Donald Gets an “A” Just for Acting Somewhat Human

The address to Congress was nothing special as a speech. But for DJT  it marked a coming out party as a reasonably decent individual. When you  immerse yourself in the legacy of one of the most vile people of the 20th century as your mentor, it is challenging to know how much of your humanness you want to show. In this case, the speech was something almost any adult human being in the U.S. could have read off a teleprompter, and the mere fact that Donald did it within the real of civility and normality qualified him for a favorable response. Stay tune, for it shall not always be such.