Saudis Groom DJT for Future Use

When a person is so obviously dependent upon praise and being regaled, the Saudi’s set the westerner up for a big rug purchase in the Middle Eastern market. Just as a  sexual predator sets up a child for future sexual abuse by stages, this was the first stage in setting up the “needy child” in DJT to let down his guard and become dependent on some future gain for the Saudis.

Mosad Indebts Trump

Like a milkshake churning through a two year old straight into his diaper, DJT exercises no greater control with Israeli intelligence on Syria. He leaked it to the Russian Ambassador. So, at least he knows who leaked it.

Now the Israeli Ambassador quickly comes to Trump’s defense, not letting him twist in the wind, thereby bailing him out of his latest mischief, and leaving him indebted to the loyal ambassador.


Roy Cohn operated on loyalty, a major value in his relationships.Trump asked for loyalty from Comey, and did not get it. But the Mosad set up Donald, and he is now owned by them

The “Whatever” President

As DJT continues to reneg on much of what he promised on the campaign trail, he seems overtaken by the fuzziness of “whatever,” a term that dissembles and alots no seriousness to what he has said. This self-dismissive behavior may lead to his being ignored completely, for people will tire of the headlines that promote much followed by actions that do little.

Ivanka is the Human Aspect that Donald Cannot Show

With DJT trapped in his own limited personna, incapable of a large range of human response; his daughter represents those aspects absent in her father.

DJT’s response [one of the first human responses] to the Syrian gassing victimes, was a close as he has gotten to breaking out of his branded personna. Straying any farther away may be a rarity. The scowl, the measured reaction, the narrowed eyes are all part of the “never let them see you sweat” personna he learned from Roy Cohn. Time will tell whether it can serve him well.  I think not. Meanwhile, Ivanka will do her best to show how he might be within the family enclave, from the private glimpses she has been privvy to. She is there to provide hearsay evidence of his humanness, and we are supposed to believe from her what is not offered to us directly from DJT.

The Dirty Bomb Component in Your Home

The latest item sought by terrorists to make a “dirty” bomb is americium-241 found in the smoke alarm in your home. Terrorists planned to explode a dirty bomb, a van filled with smoke alarms in a well-populated area. We are exposed to these detectors every day. Virtually every American home has a smoke alarm that contains a packet of this radioactive material. Check your detector for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission label inside .How bullet proof is that packet of americium-241? [See:]

How did americium-241 make it’s way into every home America? What due diligence preceded approval? Ralph Nader tried to alert consumers to the dangers of americium-241 in the early 1980’s, pre-terrorism. He was ignored. What other high risk items are lobbyists currently shepherding through Capitol Hill today? Already in place?

To assure the safety of your home and community:
1.) Assess what is already in place.
Homeland Security should make Geiger counters available
for monitoring our homes, offices, and property.
2.) Promote a recall and controlled disposal of current
smoke detectors containing americium-241.
Start with your congressman.

Tweety-Pie the President

When will we emerge from the ramblings of a Looney Tunes president who, “Taut he taw a puddy tat?” DJT does not seem capable of discriminating between his own ruminations and reality. And at his tweeting time early in the morning, there is apparently no one there to edit or restrict publication of the tweets.

Putin to Keep A Level Head When Meeting Trump

Vladimir Putin has the studied practice of keeping his head level and only his eyes looking upward when he meets a world leader taller than he. This is a way of not showing a primitive sign of surrender by looking up with his full face and thereby exposing his throat. Keeping his head level provides   no exposure, and also keeps his eneregy flow operating more effectively so that he can execute aggressive action. With an upturned face, he would be cutting off his aggressiveness center at the base of his skull and blocking the energy he requiresrather than keeping it flowing up and around his head, then down his front and into the ground.

Is Trump a Poll Dancer?

While “punch back” continues to be his way of reacting to anything that does not agree with him, DJT appears to be free to move forward only when the polls are favorable. That has not happened much these last weeks, so he is mired in misdirection, distraction, and misinformation in keeping with his fondness for all things Soviet Union and it’s iconic head, Vladimir Putin.

New York City: The Cradle of a Provincial President

You can grow up in New York City and think it is the center of the universe. Anything of value happening in the world is happening there. “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” as Frank Sinatra crooned.

Now unfortunately, DJT is demonstrating just how provincial he is simply by not being sufficiently adaptive, or maybe even not caring to find out how Washington, D.C. operates. All of his early learning and success grew from his New York roots. You can do business from there, but the whole world does not necessarily respond in kind. And you do not necessarily encounter the real culture of the countries in which you do business, for everything is done in a corporate setting much more hygeinic than the street where the real people live.

Now, at 70, the Donald has to learn new tricks. We shall see whether he is interested in how the world truly works outside NYC.