Airborne Virus is Air Born

We have to keep ahead of those who recommend methods for avoiding Covid-19. They’re too slow.✹This Airborne Virus is Air Born in you. Don’t get impregnated✹[-The major thing is to pay attention to air flow in closed spaces like restaurants where you might spend more time. The facility should already have figured this out – spacing 6 feet from an entire family at one table does no good if the air drift is in your direct, and a group puts out more effluents than a single person, and spacing should be greater. BUT, you are far safer if the facility has introduced ultraviolet light, hepa filters, and has set the room according to air flow. Since most nobody has done this, you have to exercise your own judgment. Maybe you could take along a stick of punk, or mild incense to test air flow. Better if the facility has already done it.] – Research shows that wearing glasses lessens the likelihood of the virus entering through our eyes. – Don’t touch your face, but what keeps you from washing your face for 20 seconds, soaping up like you soap your hands? – Hydrogen peroxide is a good way to clean your phone, wipe down groceries before they go in the fridge, where the virus might stay alive longer. – O2 a Canadian company has an N-99 mask that sells for $70, has replaceable filters that cost extra. Unfortunately, the flight required a mask that came down to my chin – a problem of writing solid regulations. So I wore an N-95, covered by the blue hospital mask. – You can use a Miele vacum cleaner filter that strains out microscopically, but it loses effectiveness when it becomes damp. So, you can cut it to shape and replace. – More items below – I’ve used Uber and Lyft and they were find with opening the windows, but had not been advised on NOT recirculating cabin air – which keeps every past rider’s effluent in the HVAC system.

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