Stroke or Heart Attack: It’s Somewhat Dependent on Behavior

The president is said to rage when things do not go his way. This kind of pressure on the circulatory systems expands the arteries, loosening the cholesterol already packed into. The surface become less smooth, with more places for new sticky cholesterol to lodge. This closes up the arteries and leaves the occupant ripe for heart attack.

At the very least, one who is under heavy pressure would do well to bring his weight, BMI, in under a rating of obesity. And exercise is essential to keep the heart muscle healthy. So, when the president eats hamburgers or a well done steak slathered with roquefort dressing, gravy, and big dollops of ice cream for dessert, he is asking for an early retirement, not a 2020 re-election.

Dozens of Diet Coke Addles President’s Brain

Aspartame is the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke. It is a $570M per year product. It is said to have caused Gulf War Syndrome, contributes to multiple sclerosis, can cause petit mal seizures, and is transformed in the body to deposit formaldehyde in the brain.

The president consumes dozens of diet cokes a day, according to a 12/10/17 NYT article. This could be a contributing factor to his erratic behavior. In any case, I would counsel against consuming in such large amounts.

Neurotic Behavior Becomes Increasingly Predictable

Someone who is neurotic tends to overtax his nervous system, usually with anxiety or the need to control others or situations to alleviate that anxiety. There is little real responsiveness to circumstances or in relationships, rather only reactivity.

Once the patterns are detected, it becomes increasingly possible to predict with some degree of accuracy what the neurotic individual will do or say. Even “unpredictability” becomes predictable.

Met Conductor James Levine was Rumored an Abuser at Least 18 Years Ago

The work in New York was that James Levine went to Harlem and abused little black boys. At that time, Michael Jackson was facing some impediments  in putting together a nationwide tour. In order to get over the obstacles posed by the higher level promoters, his people threatened to “out” James Levine, conductor of the Metropolitan Opera. Apparently it served as leverage.

However, what role did the adults play in colluding in the sexual abuse that they knew about, but chose only to use in backroom negotiating, not in defending the children being abused?

Rx For the Angry and Disenfranchised: Make Peace Within Yourself

When you feel frustrated and angry every time you see an office holder on TV or hear his name, shake it off and find some presence, peace and equanimity within yourself.

In a time that is so crazy, you really have to take care of yourself first. With psychosis running rampant and grasp on reality a rarity, the best you can do is to ground and center yourself, establish your own grasp on reality, and be truly present with others. Find and make peace within yourself.

The current challenges to hundreds of years of progress, everything from clean air and water, to protections of the environment, sustainable energy – improvements, knowledge, techniques that formerly marked improvement for the human condition – are being reduced, removed or regressed.

Perhaps the best thing you can do under these circumstances – rather than getting furious and negative – is to be well within yourself. Establish a peaceful core and sustain it. Then, in the face of this unconscionable stupidity, ignorance and ill advised decision making, you at least maintain your own personal quality of life.

Tweets, like colored “beads”, Distract the Media, While U.S. Role in World Dissolves

Every morning when DJT tweet his latest brainstorm, the media waits with anticipation. This is the source of their discussion for the remainder of the day and longer. We learned in school that the Indians sold Manhattan to the  new arrivals for  some 20 strings of beads. Now the media is bought off by a similar distraction, in spite of seeming gains in sophistication and discernment.

Meanwhile, Macon inserts France into Middle Eastern diplomacy in the absence of an active U.S. presence. We wait in anticipation of the Chinese century, and the Chinese secure positions throughout Africa, begin a “silk road” highway to connect to eastern Europe, and essential work out the details of a vision.

And where are the Americans? The U.S. State Department is understaffed. Numerous countries still don’t have ambassadors. Politicians are focused on the financed for their next campaign and staying in office, rather than on real gains for their constituents. A vision might imply someone with leadership potential, and that is not present among the current crop in Washington.

DJT: Infantile Omniscient and Omnipotent in Office

Remember when you woke up from a nap and used a cry or call to summon someone to come and get you up? You heard the footfall and knew who it was by the sound alone. Inside your 10 x 10 room you felt like you controlled the world. As you got older you found that others would complicate your life, play with your Lego’s, fail to meet your demands or expectations. Your sense that you secretly ruled the world was worn away by reality.

DJT seems to have escaped those slights by reality. He harbors his own illusions unabated. He continues to create his own perception irrespective of reality. He imposes his perceptions on others even when there is direct evidence to the contrary.

Who better than he to solve our problems? Who knows better than he how to negotiate? Who knows more about his listing of superior knowledge than he? Except, it’s not working out in fact as he so flippantly claimed. I’m not tired of winning yet. Waiting to be.

Society Put Trump on a Pedestal as an Example of “Success”

In American society there are several individuals who qualify as “universally accepted,” generally for their accomplishments. Examples used to include: Miss America – as long as she did not bare all her essential, the      HeavyWeight Boxing Champion – as long as he was somewhat articulate, the Super Bowl and World Series Champs, Olympic gold medal winners in known sports and categories. O.J.Simpson, NFL star and Heisman trophy winner was also in this category. Not only are these people designated as role models, but are elevated beyond the status of the ordinary person.

A billionaire, mogul, successful businessperson can also be perceived and elevated to this role of universally accepted. This is done by the media, who provide the notoriety and exposure in conjunction with the “successful” designation. Throughout the campaign, the press referred to Donald Trump as a billionaire or mogul. The mere statement is code for here is someone whom we find successful, having met criteria of acceptability on this basis alone, and therefore elevated above the normal.

Disclosure of Trump’s tax return might well have threatened his long time branding and “earned” designation from the media as fraudulent, or not quite as outstanding as we have been led to believe. So, as with O.J., there is a tendency to view the president from this elevated position. As a “successful businessman,” one who knows how to work the capitalist system, he gets a pass from scrutiny longer than most.