DJT: A “Shadow Side” Human Being

Human history has been sectioned into three epochs:

13,000 BC Р7,000 BC:  God and Nature were perceived as threats to be appeased. People were hunters and gatherers, moving to stay in touch with their food source Рherds of animals, or grub for fruits and berries.

7,000 BC – 2,000AD: The enemy was the “other” who could invade, kill and enslave. People began to cultivate crops and domesticate animals. The nation state emerged as a protection against the enemy. [This stage was typified in the comment by Reagan that the Soviet Union indeed was an “evil empire.” The lie, cheat and do not keep their commitments.]

2,000AD (1989 closer to accurate): The enemy is now the shadow side of each person, aspects and characteristics of which are disowned, denied and projected onto another. Having sanctified the making of money as an indication of success, a “billionaire” assumed the perch as universally acceptable. From this position, DJT has acted out of his shadow side to the extent that his true personality fails to emerge, lest he lose his base. This ownership of the dark side initially was viewed as a fresh start. However, the lack of directionality and capacity to guide is much in evidence.

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