Fat Farm Fatalities: Covid 19

Today the news featured the story of a man who exposed his mother, sisters and daughter to the virus. He himself died his first day in the hospital. What was apparent from the photo of the entire family is a shared pre-existing condition – obesity, and possibly resultant diabetes. We need to be looking at several levels of vulnerability and what contributes in these cases.

The food industry is getting by with a huge burden on the government through the health care system. As obesity becomes normalized in various modes of “learning to love myself the way I am,” outsized “big and beautiful” models, even XL caskets, together with elevating “fat shaming” to a felony; people are becoming accustomed to evidence of an unhealthy way of life.

Packing on padding is not a healthful step in life. Those extra pounds got put on one bite at a time, less exercise to off set the calories, and then a regimen of repetition. Only when the food industry is exposed for its role in creating food cravings, addictions and tricking the body’s metabolism, will people see how they have been set up and taken. The industry has groomed them. Only when this is exposed will people have the choice to take that next bite; or take the next step.