Keep Virus In Your Mud Room

Many Colorado homes have a mud room so hikers don’t track in items from the outside world. You might consider your garage, even the trunk of your car like a mud room. Leave groceries not requiring refrigeration in the garage for several days to let the virus die.

Wear gloves in grocery store, then remove before touching steering wheel. Put them on to remove groceries from car. Watch your chain of hygiene.

Use paper towels on your counter when you put down groceries, packages. Handle items from outside with paper towels or gloves, then easily discard the paper in trash.

Take wax papered cereal out of the cardboard box that can keep the virus going for 72 hours. You can also microwave containers, even clothing to kill the virus. And, while we are at it, should you touch your face, you are not doomed. Just wash it with soap for over 20 seconds and the virus should succumb just as it does on your hands.

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