Masking Second Hand Breath

Words matter. Social distancing is an unfortunate term, because people are trying to get together. The “six foot rule” would be better. That is what you want. Not a seemingly anti-social term.

Does wearing a mask stifle your breathing? Fog your glasses? Get a better fitting mask. The reason you are wearing a mask is the same reason that smoking was banned from public places years ago. Second hand smoke was deadly, consisting of tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and cyanide gas. It created a gas chamber. An effluent of smoking, it created liability for employers. And is gone.

Second hand breath can be more immediately deadly than second hand smoke. It creates a virus chamber. You don’t have to wait years. And you have no visible sign [asymptomatic] or behavior that the virus is being distributed, unless by sneeze, cough, spit, touch, or loud speaking. You just don’t know who is a source. The smoker is now the breather. That is why we wear a mask. It’s not about your liberty. It’s about the health of people you come in contact with.

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