Unintended Consequence of the Corona Virus

I have been concerned that if Pres. Trump would show even the slightest indication of being a human person, his ratings would go up immediately. It is not everyone who drags their family out on stage at the convention to prove that somewhere in the safety of his home, he must be more caring and compassionate than he comes across on a daily basis. But that was the implicit message in the convention. His daily persona has not proved it true.

A persona is a carefully crafted, though narrow spectrum of a full personality, that the crafter wants to project to others. A comedian might project his funny side, even though he is hugely depressed most of the time. Hence, the TV persona of Donald Trump as decisive, one who fires – yet in reality fires through Tweet because he can’t face the person, that is one aspect crafted and projected. The mentoring from Roy Cohn, and from a lifetime of living in New York, to be aggressive and never apologize or back down, were messages translated into his permanent persona image.

Now he commands center stage in the corona crisis. Press conferences pre-empt the evening news. Scientists give him credibility, or provide guardrails on his comments so they are less damaging. He can do a quick pass off of anything he doesn’t want to handle. But in spite of his continuing bluster, hyperbole and search for unending adulation, his simply being there, is gaining him points as a more complete human being. His persona is not cracking, a real person is not breaking through that shell. But being surrounded by the humanity and precision of the real actors in the corona drama has rubbed off on the President. It is implicit, but it’s undeniable in his rise in ratings. And that is what he lives for more than anything.

So DJT is going to ride this little pony for all it is worth, eclipsing his potential rival, unless that should be Governor Andrew Cuomo, [through a last minute drafting by the Democratic Party.] Trump says he would like to run against Cuomo, and I have a bridge to sell you. Pitted against a man with real empathy, articulateness, and precision, we might remember what a president can truly be. Trump wouldn’t stand a chance.

To Wear a Mask, or Not to Wear a Mask?

People are asking for medical community advice on whether they should be wearing a mask in public. The President mentioned wearing a scarf, while others suggest a bandana. Is it asking too much, to get a simple directive in order to maintain one’s health?

Right now the big concern by the medical community, is that the general public not clean out all available N 95 masks that they need for their safety. So, they are waffling in their advice, so there is not a shelf-clearing run on available N 95 masks.

But that is not what people are asking. Simple advice could have been given days ago, if the media and medical community were willing to give it. So, I will wear a bandanna from my last horse roundup, or my 3M 2097 filter, originally purchased for asbestos abatement, or the cloth mask purchased for sanding paint from my iron railings.

Until the question is answered, and answered honestly, I am resorting to what for me is the safest option. And you should too.

UPdate April 2nd, the CDC is recommending the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Now did it really take this pronouncement at this date? It could have been given much sooner. Irresponsible!

April 3, the President finally came out with a recommendation that people wear some face covering in the presence of others with whom they do not live. All this time, all this contagion, and only now they can come out with this? Criminal neglect.

Senior Moment or Dementia Coverup?

When you have a senior moment, you typically cannot remember a specific name, idea, date or other issue requiring some degree of precision. I call this being out in the branches, even the budding leaves of the tree of recall, rather than back in the trunk of the tree.

Dick, Jane & Spot The trunk of the tree is where you find mental fodder the likes of which you first met in your first grade reader. But to update it for you, it is when you hear the president use words like “some people say_,” or “It is really great, in fact no one has seen anything like it!” These generalized pat phrases not only apply to a wide range of situations, they are like little verbal templates that do not require any degree of precision, evidence, or fact.

The bigger issues is that they cover up what could be a roaring senior moment, the president suddenly “reaching” for and unable to retrieve a specific name, a precise fact, a direct quotation. Where others over 40 might falter, the president slips and slides right by with a totally imprecise, non-specific, general statement for which he will neither be questioned or held accountable.

When You Bad Mouth the Chinese, You Pay Big Time

The Italians were the recipients in the second week of March, 2020, of 38 tons of medical supplies from China. This included gloves, masks, gowns, all the resources needed to deal with the virus and manufactured there.

What might the United States have benefitted if we had not been so busy blaming the Chinese and adding to their loss of face? We continue to lose space and face on the world stage as we step back from the leadership that used to be our hallmark. At the very least we should not scream in the ear of a potential benefactor, even if the virus jumped to humans in the Wuton wet market.

In a March 30th call with Xi Jinping, China’s President, President Trump was offered assistance. However, he made no mention of it and little got into the American press, until the Chinese press made it known. This bluster in the face of a crisis is only doing us harm.

Zelensky Not the Only One Under Pressure to Kow Tow to Trump

During the impeachment hearings in the House, the Republicans repeatedly referred to the President of Ukraine saying there was “no pressure” exerted during the Trump phone call. This is a President with the military might of Russia active in the eastern portion of his country, one for whom military aide is essential to survival of his country.

Now zoom in on the Republican Congress persons, none of whom are threatened by Russian activity in their Congressional Districts. Yet, every one of them felt pressure to tow the party line, to parrot the party talking points. Was this all for the purpose of uncontested re-election? Or were their lockstep pronouncements designed to fend off the ire of President Trump.

At what point will be see a demonstration of courage, integrity, authenticity from these people who may see, but do not admit to reality. They are using old Soviet era propaganda misinformation and misdirection like they were trained in the Kremlin.

When He Goes Low… No One Counters

The current climate in this country does not speak well for the character of our congress persons. So few are willing to take a stand against the Bully in Chief, knowing full well that he is a coward. However, they are reluctant to reap his wrath. So, who will be the first to take him on head on? Who will withstand what is assumed to be withering fire? But if he is incapable of firing someone face to face, does he really have the cajones to deal with someone who is confronting him? Who will call him out on his cruelty, ignorance, deadly reasoning?

Who will stand up ? We are waiting.

Why are Muslims Killing Muslims

Farah Pandith was the first-ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities serving Secretaries Clinton and Kerry. In a recent program at the University of Texas at Austin, she said that the Wahhabi muslims are part of a movement to get rid of the more moderate muslim elements, even going so far as to limit the translation of the Koran to more fundamental interpretations. So, while fears are expressed about Sharia Law being imposed in parts of the United States, we are grouping all Muslims into this fundamentalist extremist element. And it is we whose ignorance is fostering, or at least not impeding the Wahhabi.

Why Aren’t They Called Muslim Perverts?

Recently I have heard radical Muslim extremists referred to as a “perverse element” of the Muslim religion.  Why then are we not using the term, Muslim Perverts, in place of Muslim Extremists?
Pervert trumps Extremist                                                                                                                           If a member of the Smith family is an “extremist” member, he is still included under the umbrella of the family membership. Distinguishing how he is different and extreme, requires spelling out. The term bleeds over and taints all the Smith’s.
Referring to this same member of the Smith family as a “pervert,” immediately distinguishes and separates the outlier from the “regular” family members.  One is less likely to confuse this outlier with other family members.
I suggest the use of the term, Muslim Pervert.


Published in Letters to Editor, Austin, American Statesman