Senior Moment or Dementia Coverup?

When you have a senior moment, you typically cannot remember a specific name, idea, date or other issue requiring some degree of precision. I call this being out in the branches, even the budding leaves of the tree of recall, rather than back in the trunk of the tree.

Dick, Jane & Spot The trunk of the tree is where you find mental fodder the likes of which you first met in your first grade reader. But to update it for you, it is when you hear the president use words like “some people say_,” or “It is really great, in fact no one has seen anything like it!” These generalized pat phrases not only apply to a wide range of situations, they are like little verbal templates that do not require any degree of precision, evidence, or fact.

The bigger issues is that they cover up what could be a roaring senior moment, the president suddenly “reaching” for and unable to retrieve a specific name, a precise fact, a direct quotation. Where others over 40 might falter, the president slips and slides right by with a totally imprecise, non-specific, general statement for which he will neither be questioned or held accountable.

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