To Wear a Mask, or Not to Wear a Mask?

People are asking for medical community advice on whether they should be wearing a mask in public. The President mentioned wearing a scarf, while others suggest a bandana. Is it asking too much, to get a simple directive in order to maintain one’s health?

Right now the big concern by the medical community, is that the general public not clean out all available N 95 masks that they need for their safety. So, they are waffling in their advice, so there is not a shelf-clearing run on available N 95 masks.

But that is not what people are asking. Simple advice could have been given days ago, if the media and medical community were willing to give it. So, I will wear a bandanna from my last horse roundup, or my 3M 2097 filter, originally purchased for asbestos abatement, or the cloth mask purchased for sanding paint from my iron railings.

Until the question is answered, and answered honestly, I am resorting to what for me is the safest option. And you should too.

UPdate April 2nd, the CDC is recommending the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Now did it really take this pronouncement at this date? It could have been given much sooner. Irresponsible!

April 3, the President finally came out with a recommendation that people wear some face covering in the presence of others with whom they do not live. All this time, all this contagion, and only now they can come out with this? Criminal neglect.

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