Unintended Consequence of the Corona Virus

I have been concerned that if Pres. Trump would show even the slightest indication of being a human person, his ratings would go up immediately. It is not everyone who drags their family out on stage at the convention to prove that somewhere in the safety of his home, he must be more caring and compassionate than he comes across on a daily basis. But that was the implicit message in the convention. His daily persona has not proved it true.

A persona is a carefully crafted, though narrow spectrum of a full personality, that the crafter wants to project to others. A comedian might project his funny side, even though he is hugely depressed most of the time. Hence, the TV persona of Donald Trump as decisive, one who fires – yet in reality fires through Tweet because he can’t face the person, that is one aspect crafted and projected. The mentoring from Roy Cohn, and from a lifetime of living in New York, to be aggressive and never apologize or back down, were messages translated into his permanent persona image.

Now he commands center stage in the corona crisis. Press conferences pre-empt the evening news. Scientists give him credibility, or provide guardrails on his comments so they are less damaging. He can do a quick pass off of anything he doesn’t want to handle. But in spite of his continuing bluster, hyperbole and search for unending adulation, his simply being there, is gaining him points as a more complete human being. His persona is not cracking, a real person is not breaking through that shell. But being surrounded by the humanity and precision of the real actors in the corona drama has rubbed off on the President. It is implicit, but it’s undeniable in his rise in ratings. And that is what he lives for more than anything.

So DJT is going to ride this little pony for all it is worth, eclipsing his potential rival, unless that should be Governor Andrew Cuomo, [through a last minute drafting by the Democratic Party.] Trump says he would like to run against Cuomo, and I have a bridge to sell you. Pitted against a man with real empathy, articulateness, and precision, we might remember what a president can truly be. Trump wouldn’t stand a chance.

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