Why Aren’t They Called Muslim Perverts?

Recently I have heard radical Muslim extremists referred to as a “perverse element” of the Muslim religion.  Why then are we not using the term, Muslim Perverts, in place of Muslim Extremists?
Pervert trumps Extremist                                                                                                                           If a member of the Smith family is an “extremist” member, he is still included under the umbrella of the family membership. Distinguishing how he is different and extreme, requires spelling out. The term bleeds over and taints all the Smith’s.
Referring to this same member of the Smith family as a “pervert,” immediately distinguishes and separates the outlier from the “regular” family members.  One is less likely to confuse this outlier with other family members.
I suggest the use of the term, Muslim Pervert.


Published in Letters to Editor, Austin, American Statesman

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