Why We Choose What We Pay Attention To

Whether coming from advertising, reality tv, the news media or Hollywood, the name of the game is “attention getting,” and it is our attention that is at such a premium, that people will sell their dignity for this priceless commodity. We, in turn, determine how much of our attention they will get. So we have some limited control. No mention and no attention is one approach.

When Calvin Klein was using pedophillic imagery in his ad campaigns,
the Ad Daily said he had a very small budget and had to make his
dollars count. Yesterday’s NYT said Calvin used one of the sexual
abusing photographer’s photos, awaiting those that got his heart
racing. I haven’t bought CK in years as my response.
Much of the stretch from the norm to the scandalous is for the
purpose of shock and attention. We can choose to go with the
flow of the lowest common denominator, the sewage flow. And
so goes civilization.
It is up to each one of us to stand for something,
and keep standing. This is one of those things.

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