Zelensky Not the Only One Under Pressure to Kow Tow to Trump

During the impeachment hearings in the House, the Republicans repeatedly referred to the President of Ukraine saying there was “no pressure” exerted during the Trump phone call. This is a President with the military might of Russia active in the eastern portion of his country, one for whom military aide is essential to survival of his country.

Now zoom in on the Republican Congress persons, none of whom are threatened by Russian activity in their Congressional Districts. Yet, every one of them felt pressure to tow the party line, to parrot the party talking points. Was this all for the purpose of uncontested re-election? Or were their lockstep pronouncements designed to fend off the ire of President Trump.

At what point will be see a demonstration of courage, integrity, authenticity from these people who may see, but do not admit to reality. They are using old Soviet era propaganda misinformation and misdirection like they were trained in the Kremlin.

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